Unresponsive server when installing on a CT on Proxmox 5.1

(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #21

@robb CT are one of the main reasons of why I changed from ESXi to Proxmox. When it comes to Linux servers, CT save you a lot of hardware resources since all containers share the same kernel.

(Alessio Fattorini) #22

We totally appreciate it, the same cannot be said for the proxmox forum (joke!)
Probably, they’re not interested in NethServer :smiley:

(fpausp) #23

Official ?

(Alessio Fattorini) #24

What do you mean with “official”? :slight_smile:

(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #25

@alefattorini I’m currently using KVM to setup my Nethserver instances (I run out of time and my workload keeps piling up), but it would be nice if someone continues testing Nethserver on CT. I don’t know what other problems may arise and as I said, I have to finish this migration.

(fpausp) #26

I am sorry, I tought you mean Nethserver is officially not supportet to run under Proxmox…

(Alessio Fattorini) #27

No no, I meant that no one commented @jfernandez on the Proxmox forum :slight_smile:
NethServer works flawlessly on Proxmox, definitely.

(Juan Carlos Fernandez) #28

Inside a KVM yes, inside a CT no so much, but still is an amazing product, I hope you guys never quited on it. I currently have 3 KVM with Nethserver, though I still have to finish the setup of each one (I’m having a hard time understanding the documentation),I can say that NethServer works flawlessly on Proxmox. Since the 3 KVM are running the same thing, KVM and balloning are working like a charm, successfully managing my RAM. I’m planing to add a 4th Nethserver KVM for file sharing and see is my current setup holds.