Welcome to NethServer Community

(Alessio Fattorini) #85

Welcome @sl4ck I think you’re the first from “Oceanian” :smiley: Slackware user that’s fun!
What brings you to NethServer?

Web developer? So you’re friendly with php and could advise @davidep @Stll0 and @giacomo about NethGui! http://docs.nethserver.org/projects/nethserver-devel/en/latest/web_interface.html

(April Wright) #86

Thanks @alefattorini. I need samba 4 that doesn’t exists on Slackware.
NethGui is great, I’m just trying to figure out how to add mono in it for running .NET applications.
Also trying to install PHP 4 because on Slack I’ve some old old applications that need it…not lucky right now :disappointed:

(Bogdan Costin) #87

Hi Guys :smile:

who you are?
My name is Bogdan (Ctek)

where are you from?
I’m from Romania

what are you working?
I’m a sys. adm with Windows / Linux background.
I provide administration and IT management services for some companies.
I’ve have some experience with eBox/Zentyal, ClearOS, pfSense, Monowall, Linux distributions (Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian… etc) M$ systems Desktop/Server. moderate PHP experience. :slight_smile: Hardware/Software skils…

what brings you to NethServer?
Simply put. The need to find a good server software that will help me and others.

what do you expect to find here?
A comunity based on open source philosophy and collaboration between people with the same goal.

And i hope I can help in some way the comunity since I’ve been helped by the comunity as well.

Best regards
PS: This introduction seemed like a CV :blush:

(Alessio Fattorini) #88

That’s a great CV welcome to the family :smiley:
NethServer is expanding into Central-Europe as well!
I’m watching your installation appearing on this map

(Diego) #89

Who are you?
I’m Diego Dmitry. I work in department of political.
Where are you from?
i’m from Brazil
What brings you to NethServer?
I’m searching for an alternative for Active Directory and Exchange Server.
What do you expect to find here?
Exchange of knowledge, help and be helped.

(Roberto Sitzia) #90

You have found the right place!
@Dmitry I want to give you a big welcome to NethServer Community by all NethServeriziens!
I think that many people in this community have migrated from Exchange to NethServer.
Personally I have quit Exchange Server many years ago so feel free to post your question and, if you haven’t done yet, take a look to this post:

I hope that in this community you will be able to find aswers to your question and help you are looking for.

(Diego) #91

I thank you for motivating words. I really want to know the NetheServer to be able to help others.

(Roberto Sitzia) #92

Yes I think so @Dmitry

I’m curios…have you already downloaded and installed NethServer?
If yes, which are your feelings?

I think that I could have something that would be very useful for you…
Stay tuned!

(Alessio Fattorini) #93

Hope your weeks are all off to a rockin start!
As is tradition, we will now welcome all of the new members to this group, and put them through the brutal initiation process where they have to both say hi AND introduce themselves in the comments below. I know…it’s scary, but you can do it!

Take a minute to comment below and tell us:
who you are?
where are you from?
what are you working?
what brings you to NethServer?
what do you expect to find here?

A lot of people to say WELCOME this week: 65 (You’re awesome folks!!)

Looking at you @luigi_lops @volodya123 @ArchParks @DaveM @rohlando @josue17 @Claudi30 @Claudi @mrchiao @rosi_steiner @berrylb @tose @thieryl @Longhair @fasttech @thesoulhunter @gerald_FS @Mano_malai @Ctek @Sl4ck @aldenso @half_life1052 @Eric_Pritchett @jp1 @GG_jr @Greifi @N_Lyle @fitriaryani2011 @mrpatton1975 @gmaoret @accendo1979 @jaroslaw_dolinny @giordy @vrafaeli @glint2 @anthony @pradeep_atta @vijith_kankol @PParker @philions @8omas @chanchal @ripkurrle @juanl_arias @gsiotas @sudarson @fmoreira @testes0209 @luisdardon @Joachim_Lazaroms @leobardooscar @Gene @abhattacharjee @cwbratcher @rbarcus @Tadvrat @Dmitry @amaku05 @mrafonso @Rajeev_P @Bienvenu_Haman @mstsas @enrilor @vandanaeurope5

(Giordano) #94

Hi *

who you are?
I’m Lanzi Giordano (aka Pigio or Giordy)

where are you from?
I’m from Italy

what brings you to NethServer?
everything I do for years on the linux server, but done in a simple way

what do you expect to find here?
A beautiful community where help and be helped, pretty much what I found in Nethesis, but in much bigger

(Gerald) #95

Hi Guys,

Thank you first for the warm welcome here!

First a few words about me bon, 38 years old, married with two young children (8 + 3).
I come from Nandlstadt that is a small town in the middle of hop growing area Hallertau - Bavaria!

Years ago, about 10,we have Mircososft turned their backs and have since throughout the house only Linux boxes (Xubuntu) to run.
As the central point had (have) we run the Zentyal - this will be soon replaced by NethServer.

By the way I look after two to three servers in non-profit organizations.

My English is (unfortunately) only holiday Suitable that you will not starve and die of thirst - but Google is thanks!

many Greetings


(Stefano Giraldi) #96

Don’t worry @gerald_FS you are the only one :wink:

Welcome and nice to meet you :smile:


(Stefano Giraldi) #97

After an initial period of observation of this interesting community, I think also my time for a brief presentation has come.

Hi to everybody, I work in the ICT office of a manufactoring company close to Netserver Labs.

We use Nethservice (parent of Netserver) since 10 years now we use it as mail server, domain controller, application server and directory share… yes all of this. :open_mouth:

I’m expect to find here a place to exchange and grow my knowledge… and It seems to be the right place!

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

(Luis Dardon) #98


My name is @luisdardon im from Guatemala, im testing nethserver i work with
network support and DB.

Thanks for all.

(leobardooscar) #99

Who are you?
I’m Leobardo Alcantara. I work at ITESO University Library’s Information
Systems Office.
I work as Web Designer and Librarian.

Where are you from?
I’m from Mexico city ;-

What brings you to NethServer?
I’m searching for two Linux distributions: one to install Drupal 7
Framework, and the other for personnal use (just for learning and have fun).

What do you expect to find here?
Find help, friends :slight_smile: and help others.


(Stefano Giraldi) #100

Hi @leobardooscar and welcoming here!.

I’m sure you will achieve your goal.

Nice to meet you :wink:

(Alessio Fattorini) #101

As every monday it’s time to welcome all of our beautiful new members to the group
Please introduce themselves in the comments below. I know…it’s scary, but you can do it!

Take a minute to comment below and tell us:

  • who you are?
  • where are you from?
  • what are you working?
  • what brings you to NethServer?
  • what do you expect to find here?

Looking at you @directnupe @islipfd19 @medworthy @Prospero @cyberfrk @Alan_Boege @jpecheur @rames @vcc @AZChas @drifting @flashnexus4 @transocean @robert11 @casicabal @safiie99 @Shadowfire @marceloeng @alecks @cristhianbini

(Marcelo Costa) #102


My name is Marcelo Costa, I’m from Porto Alegre/Brazil.

My job is IT Consulting to SBM (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and Web Developer (Joomla).

I’ve been a Zentyal user, but over time, the system was losing resources and presenting a few bugs. I hope to find in Netthserver a reliable server solution.


(Charlie Lehardy) #103

Hi everyone. My name is Charlie Lehardy and I work in Tucson, Arizona (USA) providing computer support for my company. We have 3 offices that are each running Zentyal as multi-wan Internet gateways, and I came to NethServer on the recommendation of another Zentyal refugee. I like what I find here very much, both the capabilities of NethServer and the vitality and friendliness of this community. I am currently learning about NethServer by running it on a backup gateway, and am planning to replace my first Zentyal machine with NethServer very soon. Thanks for the welcome!

(Mark Edworthy) #104

Hi, I’m Mark Edworthy and am a freelance consultant in Devon, UK. I provide IT support for SM/E (Small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as providing advice and administratrion of CMS (content mangment systems eg. Joomla) and CRM (customer relationship managment systems, such as SugarCRM).

I have been using Linux (and other Posix style operating systems) since the mid 1990s, I also have a wide range knowladge of other operating systems (dating back to the early 80s – MacOS, MS Windows 3.0 and upwards, various Risc based systems and other CLI / GUI based operating systems).

In the past, I have deployed, supported and administrated various networks, including Novell Netware (both NDS and Bind versions), Windows NT based networks, various mail, web and other services. I have also used ClearOS and Zentyal.

My current interests are in the area of Cloud based infrastructure, Android - server connectivity, KVM / QEMU infrastructure and end-user OSS integration.

I am using Nethserver to replace a couple of openSuse based servers (which are acting as gateways, proxies, virtualisation host / guests, groupware, NAS, multimedia streaming, LAMP, VPN services and remote monitoring tools).

If anybody is interested, you can find more about myself at Linkedin;