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(Stefan) #165


I am Stefan from Melbourne, Australia.

I would like to setup my first server at home. I tried the Zentyal
server first but couldn’t succeed. A comment to the reduced options in
ver. 4.1 brought me to Nethserver.
The documentation is much better and I am reading through but still I am
not sure what I have to do in the right order. But I will figure out :wink:

(Stefano Giraldi) #166

Hi @WillZen and welcome to the community.

I’m sure you will find here who will help you to the discovery of NethServer Project.

In the mean time, take a look to this topic, and if you want, take a pic from your place and share it with us to improve the collection



HI!! I am Matteo from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy and I am sysadmin since 6
mounth :smiley:
Sorry for my English but I don’t speak it very well :smiley: . We are evaluating
to use Nethserver for clouds and backups.
Thanks for all


(Stefano Giraldi) #168

Hi @matteo,

Welcome on board!
We are very keen to hear about your experience with NethServer :blush:

Why not spend a bit of time to customizing your profile?
The great @alefattorini has made a little guide with basic bio information to make a little bit pretty the discourse default personal page. :wink:

(Jeff Folk) #169

Obligatory reply… LOL

I’m in the US, Deep South Texas (nearly Mexico).
Been in IT half of my life (reformed auto mechanic). Recently replaced a SME server with NethServer and like it very much!

More fluff about me:
I’ve been running a web/mail server here in my home since 1994. First server was a Mac II cx, running Quid Pro Quo and EIMS, and was on a dial-up line.
Also, BOTH of my children are gracing me with grandchildren this year! First is due any day, and the second in December.

(Alessio Fattorini) #170

Hi Jeff thanks for accepting my invite, you’re around for a while but I’m happy to see your introduction :wink:
Please feel yourself at home

Unable to join windows 7 client to nethserver domain

I am a French Canadian living in Montreal. I started using Linux in 2010 I was looking for alternative to those traditional phone services. My research lead me to Asterisk, FreePBX and Elastix. I then set up my first Elastix box and since then I became an unconditional of Linux world and I also started playing with servers (LAMP, email, DNS, VPN) using Centos.

Nowadays I have Linux systems for entertainment (Kodi), for my phone (Elastix), for my laptop (Linuxmint) for my desktop (Ubuntu) and for my home infrastructure (Zentyal). The former (Zentyal) used to be a good all in one in which I had VPN, LAMP, basic firewall, owncloud, file sharing, etc. However since Zentyal team decided to become a clone of M$crosoft, I started looking for alternative, and it looks like I was not alone in that situation.

I discovered Nethserver in Zentyal forum when a member also disappointed with the new direction from the Zentyal team, suggested NS as a good alternative. I then decided to give NS a shot and I am really more than happy with the results so far KUDOS to the developers for this fabulous product.

I work as a mechanical engineer in an aerospace company and Linux is just a kind of hobby for me. I am still in a learning curve and am thinking at some point starting my own business in VoIP & infrastructure services. Unfortunately, my Linux skill is not so good at this point to significantly contribute in the project, but for sure I will be following this project.

My expectation: well, I hope the project will stick with the all in one orientation and will not change to a clone of M$crosoft at some point :blush:

(Rafael González) #172

Hello everyone!

I’m Argentinian, from the south, Patagonia.

I’m a part of a small IT business, which try to bring Linux servers to our customers. We are working since 2009, initially, looking for an UTM appliance, and with time, replacing many windows servers with Linux, for multiple purposes. The most common requirement is still UTM, and office (mail, shared folders, user auth, etc.).

Used to work with Zentyal, Untangle, worked with ClearOS, Endian UTM, and others distros

As many others, I discovered Nethserver in my searching for Zentyal replacement. Now
I’m installing Nethserver. I guess that I’ll love it. It’s very promising.


(Alessio Fattorini) #173

As every Monday we welcome all our new members to this group, so please help me in wishing them all a warm welcome.
If you’re new here, please comment below and tell us

  • who you are?
  • where you are from?
  • what you’re working on?
  • what brings you to NethServer?

BONUS: please reply on that topic how you have know about NethServer and show your faces!

Looking at you @Gianni_Salinetti @alexcsilva @eduardojonck @tacioandrade @Rustie @Giovanni_Capitano @rasi @Asrix @spillek @petralemoisson @Dominic_Beaulieu @lfgarrido @EddieA

(Alessio Fattorini) #174

Hei @Asrix welcome, there are already a lot of guys from south-america in our community. Just to name a few @mabeleira @jgjimenezs @rodmontgt @pedro_gustavo

Whoa, You are the right man for that job. Could you help us?

(Alessio Fattorini) #175

AFAIK you’re the first from Canada :wink: welcome among Nethserverians!

:open_mouth: it’s sounds really cool! Where do you work?

Absolutely! Stay with us :smiley:

(Tácio Andrade) #176

Hello everyone, my name is Tácio Andrade, I am Network Administrator and IT consultant in Brazil. Working with Network servers (mainly Linux) since 2010.

I am a user and member of several open source communities such as pfSense, Endian Firewall (one of the maintainers of the largest Facebook group about Endian), Zentyal, Zabbix, Proxmox and XenServer.

And I came to test the Nethserver by referral from a friend who began testing the same last week and came looking for a new solution mainly for Samba PDC and / or Proxy that has good performance, updates and mainly a strong community and Wear Nethserver is the one that most closely matches the solution that I seek.

(Rafael González) #177

Ok, I’ll try to do my best.

I’ll start with Zentyal, in their actual version (4.1).

(Eddie Atherton) #179

Hi, I’m Eddie, an ex-Brit living in Los Angeles.

Currently running Zentyal on a small home network for gateway, firewall, mail, file share, VPN, media (shout out for Plex :grinning:), web, ftp. But not liking the change of direction they have made in moving away from the gateway services towards being an Exchange replacement, hence looking for a replacement as moving to the latest version would take away too many services. It was a few comments on the Zentyal board that brought me here. Currently running NS in a VirtualBox machine to make sure I can configure it to do everything I need.

During the day I work as a consultant specialising in large scale integrations for a major US IT corporation.



after using zentyal for a brief time i cam across NethServer and am hooked great package with great support!

(Alessio Fattorini) #181

Hello folks!
I still haven’t welcomed all of our new members from the last couple weeks!
As you all know, every week we take the opportunity on Monday to welcome all of our new members to the group.

Please join me and give everyone a big warm NethServer welcome to 21 new members
@Jonathan_Mos @CarloBusi @vejitaku @kelevra @hazell20 @Mohammed_Khamis @tcpip @hgeorge123 @cronopio @Matteo_Contoli @vera_alves_pereira @111 @Thomas_Feregotto @tzar @motwa @aaronux @Vagn_Eriksen @davids @Vitellius @Gardia @sysandro @imzargar

  • who you are?
  • where you are from?
  • what brings you to NethServer?
  • which part of NethServer do you like?
  • what are you trying to achieve here?

(Alessio Fattorini) #182

Ehi man, welcome among us!
what’s your biggest challenge here? What you hope to get from the community?

(George) #183

I’ve used for a long time but the spin zentyal that is giving me not like them very much away from the community’m starting to see in nethserver a tool that can serve and be efficient

(Nobody) #184

I am Mustafa from India.
My search for a groupware server (SoGO) with a complete mail server solution brought me to NethServer when i struggled to find all my requirements packed in a cool interface.
after discovering all the features of nethserver, i must say i am pretty much impressed with its mailserver groupware (and its client plugins) and owncloud features of the server.
I would like to see a monitoring module (cacti/centreon) and an SMS module in the server.


(Alessio Fattorini) #185

George, welcome here on NethServer Community
Please keep us update about your achievements :smile: