Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix


(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #88

Wrong! Zentyal has!

Zentyal Community: A lot of questions, very few answers (almost all from the community).

(Alessio Fattorini) #89

Ehi folks, I’d like to update this comparison. Can you help me adding NethServer 7.4 and zentyal 5?
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We need to keep it updated

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(Markus Neuberger) #90

In their feature list there are two points we don’t support via web UI (feature requests are already there):

  • NETLOGON scripts, Roaming profiles
  • Multiple Organization Units (OUs), Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Zentyal uses bind9 DNS and ISC DHCP, we use dnsmasq.


(Christian Bonato) #91

Well, one can always try to compare apple to apple NS vs. Zentyal vs. Univention as all seem to have a lot of features in common.
This makes sense, at least as end-user, depending on what you are looking for.
I’m running both Zentyal and Univention in various locations:

  • Zentyal as simple & reliable “all in one IT box”. It just works (since they dropped Openchange and reverted back to postfix/imap mail) where/when needs are simple, without skilled local IT resources.
  • Univention when more advanced IAM stuff is required (groups, distribution list, POSIX, Kerberos). Slightly heavier however and this requires, for day-to-day operations, to have better understanding of IT stuff like DNS content, DHCP…

I won’t compare with NS as I gave up quite quickly after my first tries to install and have it working.
NS looks closer to Univention, with potentially a lot of features while Zentyal keep it small and simple.

What does matter, at least to me, for this kind of solution, is that it works, just work, in a reliable and stable manner. This is much more critical and important than bells and whistles.

(Alessio Fattorini) #92

I’m sorry for that, a lot of non-expert users had success with NethServer here.
Honestly I have to say that NethServer is extremely modular so you can cut off all bells and whistles as you like and tailor you installation to suit your needs.